Virtual Study Buddies!

Last night, some Northern Rivers members and friends got together for a chat on Skype.  Our topic of discussion was the Dedicant Path of ADF, the introductory study program.  We went through most of the requirements and discussed what everyone was currently working on and/or struggling with.

Our hope is to support protogrove members and friends with their ADF studies.  The plan is to devote 15-30 minutes at each workshop on study program discussions, keeping it open-ended so that anyone can jump in at anytime.  We’ll also continue with the monthly Skype chats as needed, possibly moving on to support members with other study programs.  This blended approach will hopefully meet the group’s diverse needs despite distance and access to technology.

We’re hoping to scheduling another chat next month!  Keep your eyes opened for more information.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Study Buddies!

    • We’d love to have you next time! Feel free to send your Skype name to me via FB PM. I could add you to the group if you wanted, as well. We do have a few people on there from other groves. Mostly local, but I have no qualms about other ADFers on there!

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