Business Meeting Minutes: Feb. 17th 2013

Meeting called to order at 3:04.

Full Members Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, John, Tara Loughborough, Cat, Andrew, and Cassandra.

  1. Reflection on Imbolc

    Everyone able to attend the Imbolc rite thought it went well.

  2. Treasurer’s Report

    Weretoad reported that we had $12 in our funds before Imbolc.  People donated $39 at our Imbolc celebration.  $35 was donated to the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center towards ritual space.  Northern Rivers kept $4 leaving us with a total of $16.  Since, Grey Catsidhe donated $2 bringing us to $18.

  3. Develop Our Protogrove’s Identity

    We spoke briefly about who we are and how we see ourselves serving the community.  Everyone agreed that Northern Rivers Protogrove serves its members by providing educational opportunities, a sense of family and friendship, and socializing with like-minded people.  Our biggest contribution to the larger Pagan community is providing open rituals and workshops.  We look forward to possibly helping with Pagan Pride events down the road.  For the overall community, we discussed future community service in the form of park cleanups, collecting donations, etc.We talked a little about making a group logo.  Discussion will continue online and at our next business meeting.

  4. Revisit Membership Levels

    We spent a lot of time discussing this as it needed to be sorted.  Grey Catsidhe presented her thoughts after having looked at what other ADF groves and protogroves do.  She suggested three levels – visitor, friend of the protogrove, and folk of the protogrove.Visitors: Anyone may attend our rituals and most workshops but not the business meetings.  Visitors do not have to be members of ADF or Druids.  May take small parts at rituals at the discretion of the ritual leader, but may not lead or take larger parts.  Cannot vote on protogrove decisions or hold a leadership position.

    Friend of the Protogrove: Anyone may become a Friend of the Protogrove provided he or she has shown a positive interest, and has attended three Northern Rivers events within a six month period.  Friends do not need to be ADF members.  Friends may attend business meetings (along with their romantic partner and/or children) and help with rituals (at the discretion of Folk) but may not vote on policy, hold leadership positions, or lead rituals.

    Folk of the Protogrove: Those who are very dedicated to the group and the ADF Druidic tradition.  Folk organize and run all events.  Folk may hold leadership positions, vote on policy, and lead rituals.  Must be a member of ADF and continue to show a positive interest in Northern Rivers.  To become a Folk of the Protogrove, individuals must already be a Friend of the Protogrove, attend three business meetings and three more rituals within a six month period, have Folk approval, and go through an initiation ceremony.

    After discussion, these were approved.  These levels will become official after our first Folk initiation.  The date for this must be decided upon and it will occur privately at Grey Catsidhe’s home.

  5. Revisit Dues and DonationsAfter discussion, the following was agreed:It was decided that Friends and Folk of Northern Rivers must pay $25 yearly in dues.  These will go towards renting the ritual space at the Kripalu Yoga Center, ritual and workshop supplies, etc.  Having researched other Groves and Protogroves with similar circumstances, and allowing anyone to attend ritual and workshops regardless of membership, we feel this is a reasonable fee for anyone who truly wants to help the group grow.

    This will go into effect after our first initiation and we officially move into our new membership levels.

  6. Brainstorm Workshops

    It was decided that there will be a special members-only reiki workshop presented by Tara at Grey’s home.  This will take place on April 6th.

    Future ideas for open workshops were discussed.  Keep an eye opened for “warrior retreats” (hikes on nature trails), meditation, working with crystals, the basics of ogham, making and using tea, all about Outsiders in Druidic ritual, and book chats.

  7. Planning for the Spring Equinox

    The purpose of this ritual will be to honor the Nature Spirits who are waking up.  Participants are encouraged to bring percussive instruments as there will be a portion of the rite in which we drum to wake up the land!  Everyone is also encouraged to bring small gardening equipment, seeds, or photos of special plants.  We will bless these for the new season.  A portion of the ritual will be for giving offerings to the Nature Spirits.

    Grey Catsidhe will lead the rite and act as seer.  She will also call to the Gods and Goddesses.  Cat will act as bard  and call the Bardic Spirit.  Cassandra will honor the Earth Mother.  Tara will honor the Ancestors.  Weretoad will make a peace offering to the Outsiders and honor the Nature Spirits.

    This ritual will take place on March 16th at the Kripalu Yoga Center.  Members are asked to arrive around 3 to help set up.  Anyone else interested in coming should arrive by 3:45 for a pre-ritual briefing.

  8. The Maypole Situation

    We very briefly discussed our need to figure out how to have a Maypole at the Yoga Center for Beltaine.  Discussion will continue online and at our next business meeting.

Meeting closed around 5:20


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