Bardic Work: “The Lovers” by Tara Loughborough

Floating on clouds of ashen gray,

This is where true lovers lay.

Under the velvet navy sky,

Beneath the stars, the lovers lie.

Upon a hilltop, right at day,

This is where the lovers pray.

Before the rise of golden bright,

The lovers kiss to welcome light.

Beyond disturbance lovers stay

As one, they float sweet time away,

To climb the greenest mountain high,

To join as one, to sweetly sigh.

The long, hard day has nearly gone;

The lovers’ love still thrives on.

At sunset, paradise takes its hold.

The sunset leaves, the night is cold.

Somewhere still, the suns still rise,

Beneath the lovers’ knowing eyes.

The sun is warm, the colour bright;

The lovers hold eternal light.

Printed in Oak Leaves, Spring 2013, issue no. 60.  Posted here with author’s permission.


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