It’s Official!

We have a certificate and everything!

As of today, The North Country Druidic Study Group has become Northern Rivers Protogrove, ADF!  That’s right folks!  We’re an officially recognized protogrove in ADF!  And what an auspicious time for the change.  I was telling a friend that it feels as if Brighid acted as a midwife into the protogrove’s existence.  What a blessed Imbolc!

This wouldn’t have been possible without all of the dedicated members who participate in online discussion, help to plan and lead rituals, set up and clean up, and give input! I also want to thank the North East Regional Druid, Sharon, who encouraged Weretoad and I to pursue this.  Finally, some huge kudos to the wonderful folks at Muin Mound Grove in Syracuse.  They were my first spiritual home and I will always remain one of their folk.  They taught me so much about Druidism and ritual, and they are Northern River’s spiritual parent.


5 thoughts on “It’s Official!

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