Wellness Retreats and Strengthening Friendships

Two things the North Country Druidic Study Group aims to do, along with serving the community and bringing Druidic ritual and teachings to those who want it, is to help support our hosts, the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center, and to build friendships among our members.  On Sunday, two of us (Grey Catsidhe and Tara Loughborough) did just that!  It was an informal gathering open to full members that turned into a girls’ afternoon out!  I hope it’s the first of many!

Our first stop was the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center for their monthly Wellness Connection.  I’d been wanting to attend for months and finally had a free Sunday!  Tara was coming down to look at the local fabric store so we decided it was a great opportunity to meet up and experience it together!

The Wellness Connection featured many of Kripalu’s healers.  They offered a quiet, respectful atmosphere complete with comfortable padded tables (the kind a massage therapist might bring along), blankets in case you were cold, as well as refreshments to help ground yourself afterward.  For a suggested $10 donation, you could have a small session with one of the healers.  It’s really quite affordable, especially if you’ve never had any energy work before and don’t want to lay a lot of cash down to try it.  If you’ve ever gone to a psychic fair, Pagan Pride event, or such you’re probably familiar with how expensive these treatments can normally run.  To meet the local healers and experience their talents for such a small cost is an excellent opportunity for the community!  Who knows?  You might find a healer you trust and then you’ll feel better spending $30+ on energy work.

Although practices like reiki are not Druidic in origin, many people in ADF and other Druidic traditions have an interest in them.  I know of a few ADFers who are attuned practitioners – several of whom belong to the Healers’ Guild.  Tara herself is an attuned reiki master but prefers to have others work on her.  I don’t blame her.  Sometimes you need another person’s healing touch.

Our friend Steve, who has been at all of our celebrations at the Yoga Center, worked on us.  I was excited to see what he could do after getting to know him as a person.  His energy was very relaxing and I never once felt uncomfortable.  He was using something called “Seven Rays” which I had never heard of before but was opened to trying.  It dealt with the chakras and he used crystals.  Sounds very New Agey, I know…  But I’m open-minded and I trust Steve.

Having crystals (especially crystals that have been cared for really well) placed on my chakra points was very interesting.  He selected crystals that felt “right”, and placed some river stones on my knees.  Something about that was very calming and I imagined myself standing in the St. Lawrence River, feeling at home and relaxed.  He placed a rose quartz on my third eye and, with my eyes closed, my mind’s eye exploded with pink. When he placed a quartz on my crown, and focused his hands in that area, my head warmed up and felt very “buzzy.”  He exclaimed that I had a lot of energy in that area.  It was a really neat experience that goes beyond words.  Steve then checked my other chakras and sent the Seven Rays into me.  We talked about the colors I saw and he determined that one color in particular was getting sent into me specifically for the baby’s health.  I left the table feeling very peaceful.  Tara had a cleansing done and reported positive results!  I hope that more people from the Study Group will join us at future Wellness Connections!

Fabric for an altar cloth.  Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2013.

After that, we went to the fabric store.  Tara wanted material for a cloak, and I wanted something for an Imbolc altar cloth.  We each left with what we desired – Tara with some deep purple crushed velour, and I with this lovely blue, spiraling piece.  There are little yellow dots on it that remind me of flames, and the blue spirals of Brighid’s sacred well.  Quite appropriate, don’t you think?

Before returning home, we had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant in Watertown called “The Lotus.”  Yum yum!  We chatted and grew closer as friends.  That’s one thing I love about our study group – we’re becoming a little family.

I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable!


One thought on “Wellness Retreats and Strengthening Friendships

  1. That’s great that you could try a reiki session for such a low price! I would like to try it, but you’re right about it being expensive. I may look into local reiki sessions more than I have been. 🙂

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