Supporting Local Artisans

Locally Made Candle Sticks


Please forgive the less than flattering photo, but I was just so excited about these candlesticks and had to share!

I popped into An Eclectic Boutique in Carthage, NY this afternoon to show my visiting parents a favorite shop.  I’ve you’ve never been there, it’s wonderful!  Along with antiques, the owners sell locally made soap, lotions, jewelry, clothing accessories, food, and more!

The above candles are one of the latest additions to the shop.  Locally made in Chaumont, NY, these candles are wonderful.  They smell divine and are so well-crafted!  I was drawn to the spiraling design of these, but the artist uses various molds – from traditional, round tea-lights, long slender tapers, to pine cones, and even small wax hearts for decorations.

I plan to use the candles I purchased for our upcoming Imbolc ritual.  It feels right to use locally made candles to honor Brighid, a patroness of arts, crafts, and domesticated animals.  Generally she is known for her connection to sheep and cows, but bees are also a domesticated animal and something tells me these beautiful, honey-flame colored candles will bring Brighid much joy!

If you’re a North Country Druid or Pagan planning to come to our Imbolc ritual, you might want to stop in An Eclectic Boutique to pick up a local beeswax candle of your own!  It would be a great way to take home Brighid’s sacred flame.  They are cleaner burning that paraffin candles and are thus better for your home environment.  Even if you aren’t able to attend our ritual, take a look at what your local shops offer.  Support your local artisans!


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