January 5th 2012 Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order at approximately 2:30 pm.

Full members present:
Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Cassandra, Tara, Joe, and Cat.

Brief reflection on the Winter Solstice ritual:

Everyone who was able to attend agreed the ritual, though small, went well.

Grey Catsidhe hopes to advertise upcoming rituals to get the word out, especially on the Watertown Pagans/Wiccans FB page.

Planning for Imbolc

We briefly discussed the history and traditions surrounding Imbolc and Brighid.

The date of the ritual was set at February 2nd.  Full members are asked to arrive at the Kripalu Yoga Center by 3 to help set up.  The pre-ritual briefing will take place at 3:45 and the ritual will begin at 4.

Brighid is the deity of the occasion.  Members will bring 1-3 small objects that represent Brighid to place on the altar during the ritual.  Visitors are invited to bring an individual offering for Brighid such as milk, healing herbs, a poem, etc.

Ritual parts will be as follows –

Earth Mother – Cassandra
Bard – Cat
Outsiders – Grey
Gatekeeper – Grey
Seer – Grey
Nature Spirits – Tara
Ancestors – Cat
Gods and Goddesses – Cassandra
Brighid – Grey

Chants and smaller parts will be decided upon later.

A potluck will follow the ritual.  Grey explained that dairy and winter tubers are traditional foods for that time of year, but any dish is welcomed.  Please check on the potluck thread on the FB event page for planning purposes.

After the potluck, there will be a craft activity.  Grey Catsidhe will teach everyone how to make Brighid crosses with pipe cleaners.  Traditionally these symbols of Brighid are made with straw or reeds, but the process can be messy.  To simplify things and spare the Yoga Center a mess, we decided to use pipe cleaners.  Grey hopes to bring the pipe cleaners out during ritual so they soak up the good energy prior to crafting.

Treasurer’s Report:

Weretoad reported that the Study Group collected $30 at the Winter Solstice.  $25 went to the Kripalu Yoga Center for the space rental, and the Study Group kept $5.  Added to group donations, the Study Group has a total of $12.  Everyone agreed to save it in case we’re ever short towards the ritual space

We will revisit the idea of dues once we become a protogrove.  For now we plan to rely on donations for the Imbolc ritual.

Planning for Protogrove Status:

The group discussed names and everyone agreed upon Weretoad’s suggestion of “Northern Rivers Protogrove.”  It represents the region with its varied rivers, even going up into Canada.

Grey Catsidhe explained the process of applying and will fill out the application soon!

ADF membership was reviewed.

Grey Catsidhe shared the website with the members.  She will post on the FB group soon.

The ritual calendar was set for the year with a tentative date for the Summer Solstice.

Other Goals for 2013:

  • charity/community service 
  • a Canadian retreat
  • meet for a picnic/study group session somewhere in the Thousand Islands
  • meet at a beach
  • a reiki workshop
  • book study discussions

Meeting closed around 3:45 pm.


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