Business Meeting Minutes – October 2012

The minutes from the October 2012 Business Meeting:Called to order at 7:15

Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, April, and Catherine

Old Business:

1. Samhain Ritual – We spent some time going over the liturgy, rehearsing chants, and practicing our parts. We reviewed the supplies we need and who is responsible for bringing what.

2. Cat suggested making a sign to show people where to park as there are two possible places – a smaller driveway and a larger parking lot. Visitors should park in the larger space.

New Business:

1. Protogrove – We briefly talked about how we are moving towards becoming a protogrove in ADF and what that means. Everyone present continues to want this.

2. Categories of Membership – Brief talk about how other ADF groves handle this. Grey explained that only ADF members may run for grove officer positions and vote on policy. This is to protect the grove, its identity, and traditions. Non-ADF Druids are still welcomed to attend High Day rites and social gatherings. So far, there are four ADF members in the group: Grey, Weretoad, April G, and Tara Loughborough. Anyone curious about joining ADF may talk to Grey or visit Those with financial concerns may look into a “compassionate membership.” ADF membership is not required but, as we will become an ADF grove, those with a deep interest are encouraged to explore the organization.

3. Money – All present were happy to pay for the bulk of our payment to the Yoga Center this weekend. Everyone agreed that we need to talk more about finances with others at a future business meeting. The question of dues still remains.

4. Who can attend a business meeting? – Based on precedent and discussion, it was decided that, in order to be invited to a business meeting, individuals will have had to attended at least three North Country Druidic Study Group gatherings (rituals, socials, discussions) and demonstrate appropriate behavior (open-mindedness, dedication to the growth of our group, respectful attitude, etc). Following our Samhain ritual, those who meet those qualifications will be invited to our next business meeting to help plan for the Winter Solstice.

Meeting closed at 8:30


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