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Here you’ll find information about upcoming events hosted by Northern Rivers Protogrove.  For past business meeting minutes and reflections on past events, please visit the archives.

For more information on the Wheel of the Year, see the Druid Almanac.

If you’re thinking of bringing children, please review our policy on including kids at our events.

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Ancestor Shrine

Ancestor Shrine

Our Next High Day Celebration is for Samhain  – Saturday, November 1st


Those interested in reading or re-reading the late Margot Adler’s influential book, “Drawing Down the Moon,” should finish by Samhain. We will meet and discuss prior to our ritual.

This workshop is for adults and truly interested teenagers. While we will try to have an art activity for younger kids and a treasure basket for toddlers, please also bring a quiet indoor activity for any kids you’ll have with you (puzzles, tablet with earbuds, coloring book, etc).



As is traditional at Samhain, Grey Catsidhe will lead a ritual in which we honor our Ancestors of blood, heart, and place.  Emphasis is on those who passed away this year, and we will do our apple rite to guide them to the Otherworld.  This is one of our most emotional rites.  Guests are invited to bring photos and small mementos of Ancestors for our shrine.  Guests are also invited to bring offerings for the Ancestors and spirit allies.

Costumes are encouraged! Please keep in mind that young children will be in attendance when choosing your costume.

We are hoping to have this ritual outdoors.  Dress accordingly.


Immediately after the ritual (~6:00)


*** What to Bring ***

- An open heart/mind

- Offerings for the Ancestors and/or your spirit allies if you desire (please make sure they are biodegradable and/or safe to burn)

- A photo and/or small memento for the Ancestor shrine

– A dish to pass

– Your own dishes, including a cup for our toast and boast

– A small donation towards our use of the Yoga Center and ritual supplies (suggested $5)


9 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

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  2. Hey the Autumn Equinox ritual is on the same day as my wedding! I think my fiance and I will try to visit your grove either for Summer Solstice or Lughnasadh. I’ll let you know for sure if we can work it out as it gets closer to those High Days.


    • It would be wonderful to meet you! Just keep in mind that this year is a little iffy around those times because of my pregnancy. Summer Solstice may be canceled, and Lughnasadh will be happening in Syracuse with Muin Mound Grove. If you can ever make it up to Northern NY and want to vacation in the beautiful Thousand Islands around a High Day, do let us know! We’d love to have you. :)

  3. Will there be any discussion groups, ect going on other than the Sabbat Rituals? I know that in order to be a full member in the Grove, you have to attend a Ritual, A study session, and a “meet and greet.” I don’t see anything but rituals posted on the calendar though :)

    • Actually, you have to attend three events and at least one of them has to be a ritual. The other two could be other rituals, other study meetings, etc. So you’ve got one under your belt! Perhaps I need to clarify that on the membership page?

      We are working on getting more events scheduled. There will be others, it’s just that we don’t have a lot of time between Imbolc and Spring Equinox. We’ve got a business meeting coming up and we’ll discuss some possibilities for the upcoming months. :)

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